Pango Plays Soccer iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Pango Plays Soccer

Our adorable Racoon and his friends are back with 5 more interactive stories and 6 painting pictures for your toddler to enjoy!

Features of Pango Plays Soccer:

  • Your child learns about harvesting vegetables and how you can use them to create a delicious meal!
  • Sharing, friendship, cleanliness, self pride plus cause and effect are all highlighted.
  • This series uses the 'tilt ability' of iPad well to familiarise your child with this superior technology.
  • Colour identification and simple counting.
  • Creativity enhanced using personal choice of colours when painting 6 different scenes.

This is our favourite Pango collection so far!  We love the garden and cooking adventures and the associated interactions. 

This collection of 4 page stories for Toddlers and 6 bonus activities. Pango helps to clear the garden, pick some veggies, make the soup and then shares it with his friends. These are all activities that your young child can expect to see happening in their own world, this helps prepares them for that.

In this series of stimulating books you READ to your toddler and they try the actions that are mentioned in the stories.  

 In each of the books your child is shown something demonstrating positive human values, taught something educational, encouraged to be creative and is rewarded for their efforts.  

There is pleasant music and great sound effects with each story.

Excellent Book App for little children - 5 stars!

Age Group: 0-5

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It is great fun, engaging, exciting and totally appropriate for very little children. You READ to your toddler or young child.