Let's Create! Pottery HD iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Let's Create! Pottery HD

Sculpt in 3D with this wonderfully designed and engaging iPad App!

Features of Let's Create! Pottery HD:

  • Stimulating. Beautiful game to play
  • Learn entrepreneurial skills by 'making' pottery
  • Learn aesthetics through practice
  • Lots of opportunity for expression and experimentation
  • Hand-eye coordination and visual creativity
Based on a true-to-life potter's wheel, this app allows kids to 'sculpt and shape' a piece of clay into a beautiful work of art.  This App is great to help your child focus on creating a piece of art, it is very relaxing and inspiring!  Good for aesthetic development.

Choose from different materials, colour finishes, brushes and enhancements to create pieces of Pottery which you can then 'sell' at a virtual auction within the app to make 'money' to buy new materials, colours, brushes, lids, handles and enhancements.  There is a wide range of materials and patterns to save up your commission and buy, which brings your child back for more.  We love this App.

You really have control as to how the finished product comes out. You can choose from a wide range of glazes, paints, and if you follow the storyline you can make 'money' too bringing an added dimension to the app.

First sculpt the clay, then fire it, glaze it, paint it and even sell it at auction. Take the proceeds and 'purchase' other 'materials' to help you on your way to becoming a master potter.  The kids are enjoying this app because of the artistic quality of the work (shape, form and colour) they create. There are so many options that each person's individuality is easy to see.

Is it easy? Yes!  If this app was available when I (Dad) was at Uni, I may well have become a potter after all!

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Age Group: 3-Adult

View on the App Store: Let's create! Pottery HD - Infinite Dreams Inc.

Let your children be creative with this wonderful app. Very glad we bought it! Of course it could not take the place of a real-live potters wheel, but teaches many of the principles of pottery nonetheless! Reading skills required to participate in the 'auction' of your products for sale to clients... following an optional storyline. Otherwise it can be played by any age.