Radiant HD iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Radiant HD

Alien invaders from the 70's have returned - with an upgrade!

Features of Radiant HD:

  • reaction times become improved
  • strategy to win the game
  • inventory, choosing different 'weapons' for different results
  • so much fun, like taking a trip back to the '80's, only much more advanced
  • a good laugh, a little light entertainment and fun

Flashback - Space Invaders meets Phoenix... but better!  

This game brings the best of retro gaming into the modern world of iPad.  Beautiful graphics, engaging storyline and characters.  The app includes many hours of unique and challenging levels with great weapons, power-ups, the ability to upgrade your ship and battles with 'bosses'.

I've played this game more than anyone in the family.  It's challenging as you progress through the game, but unlike other BLAST-EM games, this one is not over the top - but just the right amount of force necessary to win the game.  My preferred choice if they boys want to 'shoot stuff' as they have to focus AS WELL as play.  

Funny storyline keeps you engaged - it had me laughing out loud.  Little bit like a communicative arcade game would be if it could talk.  Lots of levels for beginners and experts. 

Age Group: 6-Adult

View on the App Store: Radiant HD - David Peroutka

This game doesn't require reading to PLAY, however to follow the storyline your child will need to be able to read, though this is NOT NECESSARY if they're just playing the game. Between each level there is reading.