Relax & Sleep Well iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Relax & Sleep Well

Hypnosis to aid relaxation and peaceful sleep that really works plus more tips on de-stressing and self hypnosis.

Features of Relax & Sleep Well:

  • Enjoy deep sleep every night
  • Learn how to hypnotise yourself for life benefit
  • Uplifting Hypnotic Affirmations
  • Learn how to let go and breathe diaphragmatically
  • Create good habits of peaceful sleep
 Enjoy the benefits of Glenn Harold's hypnotic voice to gain a great night's sleep or daytime rest plus more!

Excellent for everyone especially if you suffer from insomnia, need to relax deeply, have an illness and wish to become more deeply connected to your body, increase confidence, inspiration and motivation, take control of your life, access your full potential, imagination, sense of fun, happiness and creativity.

Great value for money.  Normally you would need to buy a CD for a lot more money to get such a great quality hypnosis recordings. 

In this one app Glenn gives you 4 audio recordings:
A night time relax and sleep hypnosis lasting 48 minutes.
A day time relax and sleep hypnosis lasting 27 minutes.
Detox your life hypnosis lasting 1 hour including excellent affirmations.
Daytime Sleep Booster hypnosis lasting 12 minutes.
There is an alarm with each recording in case you need to awake after the hypnosis session. 

Extras  include a 46 page Self Hypnosis Guide, an 18 page ebook entitled '7 Golden Rules of Sleep' and other useful resources. 

Age Group: 12-Adult

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Glenn has a strong London accent that you need to get used to, I am from The UK originally so it works for me, feels like home from home!! No reading required. You can use this app for children.