Toca Store iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Toca Store

Excellent, easy to use, shop-keeper simulation app for toddlers, young children and special needs fun!

Features of Toca Store:

  • This educational app promotes creativity, imagination, choice, decision making, service, empathy, counting and negotiation all within the context of fun
  • This is a well designed, easy to use app which is totally delightful and a great pretend play experience for both boys and girls
  • This is a chance to match your store to the distinct likes of your next customer
  • This is perfect for role-playing between friends, siblings, parent and child
  • Teaching business skills, from an early age
Begin with a closed shop equipped with 5 baskets ready to stock items, with a range of 34 possible items to sell in your store.  

Now the shop is stocked, open and ready for customers.  Your customer chooses and the shop keeper decides how many coins it should be, from the 10 coins to spend.  

Pay for the item and the shop keeper rings it up on the till.  Tap on the green bag and put the item in it. Great interactive fun as you take turns being the shop-keeper and the customer.

On each turn spend up to $10 game money in the blue purse. When the customer overspends you will discover the added magic of this game...the exact amount of money your child needs appears magically in their purse - love it!

At the end of the game a receipt is printed out with all the purchased items and the money spent. 

Age Group: 0-5

View on the App Store: Toca Store - Toca Boca AB