Sock Puppets Complete iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Sock Puppets Complete

Good puppeteering App for iPad! Experience of being a 'director' and working with a 'cast'

Features of Sock Puppets Complete:

  • Puppet's have never been so much fun
  • Fuel children's imagination and expressiveness
  • Good fun! Great Puppets and add-ons, backgrounds & scrubbed voices
  • Experience of being a 'director' and working with a 'cast'
  • Easily share your creations on Youtube and Facebook

This app is really easy to use, a toddler could make their own puppet show with a little help from an adult or older child. 

This creativity app fuels children's imagination and gives them the experience of putting together their personalised puppet show from start to finish.

Choose your characters, select your background, then select your props.  You can choose different settings which allow your characters to MOVE during the show or stay STATIC.  Once everything has been selected the stage is set...

You can also import your own photos in the background to really personalise the show!

Using the circular Record button your child starts recording their story.  You can discuss the story possibilities before the start for added educational benefits or simply let your child speak what they feel in the moment, both of these approaches have great educational merit.

Once recorded then you can playback your puppet show which is really inspiring for you and your child to watch together. You can upload your creation to You Tube and Facebook to share with friends and family!


NOTE ON VIDEO BELOW: iPad Dad tested this video out using the Election Characters:


Age Group: 3-9

View on the App Store: Sock Puppets Complete - Smith Micro Software, Inc.

This great app needs only a little bit of tuition. Getting the timing right, and moving the characters simultaneously takes a bit of dexterity. Help little children with this app and you'll both be LAUGHING in no time! Fun playtime!