Storm in a Teacup iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Storm in a Teacup

Challenging platform game with unique features and hours of fun!

Features of Storm in a Teacup:

  • Puzzle solving and strategy required to move through the levels
  • Very challenging with correct timing is vita to your success
  • Personalise your player and teacup, enhancing creativity
  • Physics puzzles help to develop these skills
  • Fine Motor Skills are developed using the controls to 'fly' your character

You are the main character Storm, and your mode of transport is a magical teacup which you use to fly through the air. 

This tricky platform game leads you on a physics-based challenging journey through 40 magical 'lands'. 

The controls are quite easy-to-use and the subject matter caught the attention of our boys. You can customise your character by changing hair colour, clothing and teacup.  A lot has gone into the creation of this game.  This is evident in the great graphics and ever increasing levels of creative obstacles you need to overcome!

Personally, I find this game very challenging and it impresses me to the max that my boys can be so successful at getting through the levels and missions so quickly.  The brain power and strategic thinking that each new level takes is substantial!

Sometimes the boys felt that levels were just 'too difficult', but they persevered using different strategies and techniques to finally win the day.

One of the best platform games for children on iPad.


Age Group: 6-Adult

View on the App Store: Storm in a Teacup - Cobra Mobile Limited

Some of these levels are very tricky indeed and Storm is vulnerable - not for little ones as they tend to really 'feel' for the character Storm and this is not good when he makes a 'flying misjudgement'.