Targeting Maths 3 iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Targeting Maths 3

With 9 main learning categories and 9 sub-categories within each, your child has a huge range of learning opportunities presented in a fun and exciting way.

Features of Targeting Maths 3:

  • Valuable mathematical problems presented in unique way to engage and inspire
  • The use of bright colours, robot illustrations, reward badges and 2 games keep your child enthusiastic about learning
  • An App that is truly value for money with 81 different levels of maths challenges covering 9 main subjects
  • Multiplayer and timed features are great for enhancing quick response mental arithmetic
  • Each child has their own unique playing area and detailed Progress Chart to monitor results

With a full range of main subjects this is one of the best maths App we have discovered on the App Store.  

The App offers a TRAINING Area where the bulk of the learning takes place.  This covers the 9 Main Subjects for Year 3 Maths, each with 9 sub-categories. Here you can earn Badges and win Tokens to use at the Circus Area.

  • Numbers: To 1000, Order Numbers and Rounding, Place Value, Number Sense & Estimation, Odd & Even, Number Words, Counting by 5's/10's/100's, Numbers to 10,000, Word Problems.
  • Addition: Add to 20, Add to 100, Make Tens, Doubles and near Doubles, Jump, Compensation, Related Facts, Split, Word Problems.
  • Subtraction:Subtract to 10, Subtract to 20, Subtract to 50, Subtract to 100, Halves, Difference & Patterns, Jump Strategy, Mixed, Word Problems.
  • Multiplication: 0/1/2 tables, 5/10 tables, 3/4 Tables, 6 Times Tables, 7 Times tables, 8 Times Tables, 9 Times Tables, Teens or Mixed, Word Problems.
  • Division: Sharing & Groups of, Halving & Divide by 2, Divide by 5 & Divide by 10, Divide by 3 & Divide by 6, Divide by 4, Inverse Operations 2/3/5/10, Divide by 8, Inverse Operations 4/6/8, Word Problems.
  • Fractions: Halves & Quarters, Thirds/Sixths/Fifths & Eights, Tenths & Hundredths, Mixed Numerals, Halves & Quarters of Numbers, Fractions of Numbers, Number Lines, Equivalent fractions, Word Problems.
  • Shapes and Patterns: 2D Shapes, 3D Objects & Nets, Lines & Angles, Symmetry, Position, Patterns, Sequences, Rules +, Word Problems.
  • Money & Data: Coins, Notes, Change, Adding, Working with Money, Tallies and Graphs, Data, Chance and Word problems. 
  • Measurement: Telling Analogue Time, Digital & Analogue, Minutes/Days & Weeks, Working with Time, Length, Capacity, Area, Mass, Word Problems.

Within each of these sub-categories there are 3 LEVELS available.  

Within the TIMED AreaMULTI-PLAYER Area  and CIRCUS Area added. 

You child can see their selection of Badges for motivation and valuable visual feedback.  The Progress Chart by individual is an EXCELLENT Record of Achievement. 

Age Group: 6-12

View on the App Store: Targeting Maths 3 - Blake eLearning

Designed specifically for children between 6-8, we also see potential for children both younger and older to benefit too. Well worth the money. PLEASE NOTE ~ USES AUSTRALIAN CURRENCY Some problems are worded in unusual ways. This challenges your child to think outside of the norm but you will want to be available to answer their questions until they fully understand what is required to answer thus avoiding unnecessary frustration.