Tilt to Live HD iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Tilt to Live HD

Tilt the iPad to dodge the red dots...sounds easy... BUT IS NOT!

Features of Tilt to Live HD:

  • fine motor skill development
  • quick thinking
  • fast paced
  • risk taking
  • a great motion dodge-em

Tilt to Live SOUNDS like a simple game... just keep the arrow away from the little red dots by tilting your iPad which moves your arrow... Easy... Ooh, there's more little red dots appearing... whoah, watch out!  A lot of dots arriving now... oooh, power-ups... kablaaamm, boom, boom!, whoosh... haha!   Got some of the dots... uh-oh, there's a lot more appearing...

It's a totally engaging game.

I (dad) like this because the iPad itself is the control mechanism for the game

Unlike Computers or game consoles where the game is on a screen and you need to use a mouse, joystick or something else to move yourself.  Even with other iPad games, you use controls ON the iPad.  But, with Tilt to Live the screen is the game

Tilt it to play it.  Fantastic.

It's amazing how swiftly you can dodge between the little red dots and how accurately the arrow responds when you turn, spin and manoeuvre the device.  Excellent game, brilliant graphics, excellent achievements.  More more more. 

Age Group: 6-Adult

View on the App Store: Tilt to Live HD - One Man Left

It's all about dexterity and managing the fine tilt-movement of the iPad. The steadier and more accurately you can maneuver the iPad, the better you become. Brilliant game for showing the 'tilt'-ability of the iPad. One of our ALL TIME favourites!