Blues Clues Series 2 - a review

Blue and Steve have more fun figuring out "Blue's Clues" in this follow-up series of the top hit TV show by Nickelodeon. 20 episodes around 25 mintues each.

What we think:

  • Entertaining for younger children as they have to work out the 'mystery'.
  • Very friendly presenters engage their audience well.
  • A variety of subjects are covered and it's great 'old-fashioned' viewing with no need to 'vet' it.

Blue's back... our friendly little lady dog, leads us through the second series of Blue's Clues.   Steve, Blue's friend, finds the 'clues' that Blue has left for him.  There are always three clues and when they are connected together it forms the answer to the puzzle!   Great for little children and older ones may like it too because you need to figure it out and that poses a challenge. 

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