Curious George Series 1 - a review

Innocent and funny... Curious George gets up to all sorts of playful in his Manhatten home! 30 episodes around 24 minutes each!.

What we think:

  • These animated episodes have the same curious, fun-loving innocence as the original books!
  • Good family fun. Wonderfully illustrated, beautifully captured, this Curious George series is a great addition to our iPad TV Shows library.
  • Able to let young children watch without supervision.

George is a curious brown monkey who is brought to New York from Africa by "The Man with The Yellow Hat".  The episodes are funny and will definitely have your child giggling! Is it possible for George to get up to any more mischief?...yep!  George meets different animals in his adventures and his antics revolve around everyday life experiences that your child can relate to and enjoy!

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