Disney's Little Einsteins, Volume 2 - a review

Leo, June, Quincy & Annie team up again for adventure on their 'rocket' flying around the world! 14 episodes around 24 minutes.

What we think:

  • No need to 'vet' this excellent American animated show designed especially for preschoolers
  • Fabulous introduction to art, travel, music and history and presented in an intelligent way.
  • The qualities of comaraderie, friendship, adventure and intelligence are promoted!

This adventurous and courageous young children head out on more missions to different parts of the world to rescue, help and solve problems.  This series promotes intelligence, creative thinking and an interest in the arts - classical music, composers and famous artists.  In this series find out about Aurora Borealis, join an African safari, visit outer space and take a trip to Australia...plus more...
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