Movies for Children Age 12 plus - Family Friendly TV Shows, Recommended

Movies for Children Age 12 plus

Movies for Children Age 12+ include moving heading towards adult movies. These are NOT for little children, but are still encouraging positive movies for young adults...


A movie everyone should watch. A message of hope for humanity wrapped up in a marvellous adventure into space... and back again.

The Incredibles

Awesome fast action superhero movie... one of our favourite action animation movies!


Pixar and Disney team up for Brave, this movie jumps to the favourite list - original and engaging! TOO SCARY for little children! BEARS!

Puss in Boots

The adventures of Puss begin... a fantastic prequel to the adventures in Shrek! NOT for little children - scary scenes!

Mary Poppins

Our favourite magical nannie gives a dancing tour of London in this Disney favourite.

The Dark Crystal

From Jim Henson, this amazing tale of magic and mystery ranks as one of our all time favourite movies.


The original Fantasia, the timeless classic straight out of Disney's imagination, this has to be seen to be appreciated..

Fantasia 2000 (Special Edition)

Fun to see Disney's dream continued in this beautiful Fantasia 2000

Back to the Future - Part 1

A Timeless Classic from the '80's. This adventure movie is fun for the whole (bigger children and up) family! One of our all time favourites - watch again and again!

Despicable Me

Meet likeable villain Gru and his hilarious minions and laugh along as his adventure brings him together with three little girls....

How to Train your Dragon

An amazing new world where dragons and vikings fight for survival then realise they don’t need to!