TV Shows for Children Age 6-9 - Family Friendly TV Shows, Recommended

TV Shows for Children Age 6-9

Awesome age for good adventure and super-hero television. Positive action-based and intelligence-based television can encourage your child's imagination, which is important at this age.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Series 1

Full action Batman, heroes you know, and villans you might not... 26 stand alone episodes around 23 minutes each - excellent value for money!

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Series 2

Still brave, still bold, still great - Batman! 26 episodes around 23 minutes each, gives 10 hours of viewing time!

Bob The Builder Series 3

More adventures with Bob and the gang - British children's animated show that is set in a friendly and fun town. Short action packed shows suitable for young children. 13 episodes around 10 minutes each.

Disney's Little Einsteins, Volume 1

American animated TV series by Disney. Adventurous, intelligent, fun-loving friends explore the world with art and music! 14 episodes around 24 minutes.

Disney's Little Einsteins, Volume 2

Leo, June, Quincy & Annie team up again for adventure on their 'rocket' flying around the world! 14 episodes around 24 minutes.

Legion of Superheroes Series 1

Join the futuristic superhero team of Legionnaires as they fight villians and ultimately save the Universe!!!!

Milly Molly, Season 1

Milly & Molly is a series about two girls with different backgrounds as they learn about honesty and diversity. Beautiful

Shaun The Sheep Series 1

British stop-motion animated children's television series, starring Shaun the cool sheep, and the leader of a flock.

The Octonauts Season 1

Underwater adventures and exporation with the Octonauts. Brilliant. We all want more!!!

Tintin and the Calculus Affair

TinTin and Captain Haddock save Professor Calculus who has gotten himself into trouble!

Tintin and the Prisoners of the Sun

Another great international adventure with our favourite reporter, TinTin

TinTin: Mystery at the Shark Lake

Who is the bad guy? TinTin foils a plot to use Professor Calculus' new invention...

Zigby Vol 1

Fun loving zebra trotting into trouble. Meet Zigby and his loyal friends!

Zigby Vol 2

Our inventive zebra Zigby is back for more exciting adventures on a tropical island far away!