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Within this website you will find our top 300+ educational and children's game apps!  If its on our website, we recommend it!

We've included only our FAVOURITE apps, including the best educational iPad Apps for children since iPad was launched. We hope this helps you find the iPad apps to inspire your child.

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We enjoy exploring and reviewing iPad Apps, primarily Educational, Creative and Fun iPad Apps.  iPad has changed the way we do just about everything; work, play, create & learn, we enjoy it. iPad has created an evolution in education & business like nothing else. Our family's review of iPad: "Amazing, Brilliant, Fantastic, Life-changing and Fun!"

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Family Friendly iPad Apps for ChildrenWe really ARE a family who loves the iPad. Our kids each have an iPad for home schooling, we each have one and use it for business, pleasure, learning and leisure. We have experience in using, evaluating and reviewing iPad Apps, hopefully to save YOU time and money trying to sort through the masses of Apps available - ESPECIALLY educational apps for KIDS!

iPad Family iPad App Reviews & the Best Educational iPad Apps for Children

Looking for the Best Educational Apps for iPad? Our children are educated at homeschool, and iPad has transformed every aspect of the educational process. iPad Family shares ONLY the BEST Apps from the thousands we've evaluated, to save you time and money! IF IT'S ON OUR SITE, WE RECOMMEND IT. 

Educational Apps for Children are an important part of our iPad Apps library and are an essential part of making use of the iPad as a learning tool. iPad is the educational tool we've been waiting for! We've listed our favourite Apps from the thousands we've evaluated. Click here for Educational iPad Apps for Kids. 

We also have a GREAT selection of the Best Art Apps for Kids, and our favourite iPad Children's Books are here too.  We're ALWAYS updating the site, and would love to hear from you on Facebook or Twitter!

When iPadFamily began (the first day iPad was released in Australia) we had just one iPad (1), but now we've each got one! We're a real multiple-iPad family. Grandparents have one, great-grandma has one... from age 3 to age 97, everyone in our family has found the iPad to make a HUGE difference to our life.  Our girl is learning penmanship with her stylus, our  youngest boy is a documentary film master, and our eldest trains adults how to use their iPad! We love iPad and we know you will too!  

Enjoy our website!  Please use our links to buy your apps so we can continue taking our time to review apps for YOU! 

Children's Educational Apps:

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Most recent iPad Children's BOOK App we recommend:

Pango is Dreaming

Short stories with Pango and friends. This book features building a space rocket, a play at the park, putting on a magic show, cleaning up and a starry night.

Most recent iPad LITERACY App we recommend:

Eggy Alphabet

Excellent fully comprehensive alphabet learning app for young children and toddlers.

iPad TV Shows & Movies
iPad TV Shows &Movies
We watch our fair share of movies and television shows, but we don't have a DVD player, satellite dish or even a television... we have iPad and Home Sharing! Absolutely fantastic!


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