TV for Little Boys - Family Friendly TV Shows, Recommended

TV for Little Boys

TV for Little Boys

Blues Clues Series 1

Where's Blue? Need a clue? Work it out with Blue's Clues! Smash hit - Nickelodeon American TV Series. 20 episodes around 25 minutes each!

Blues Clues Series 2

Blue and Steve have more fun figuring out "Blue's Clues" in this follow-up series of the top hit TV show by Nickelodeon. 20 episodes around 25 mintues each.

Bob The Builder Series 3

More adventures with Bob and the gang - British children's animated show that is set in a friendly and fun town. Short action packed shows suitable for young children. 13 episodes around 10 minutes each.

Disney's Little Einsteins, Volume 1

American animated TV series by Disney. Adventurous, intelligent, fun-loving friends explore the world with art and music! 14 episodes around 24 minutes.

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 1

Meet Diego, an adventurous animal rescuer and his kind older sister Alicia as they rescue any jungle animals!

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 2

More adventures with Diego and Alicia who save any animals in trouble in the rainforest!

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 3

The continued adventures with Diego, his baby Jaguar and his older sister Alicia as they rescue jungle animals!

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 4

Diego our 8 year old animal rescuer helps more animals in need with the help of his rescue pack, camera click and computer genuis sister Alicia

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 5

Diego's animal rescue episodes continue in this upbeat and friendly American animated series!

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 6

Bilingual and helpful 8 year old Diego rescues animals in trouble all around the world!

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 7

More International animal rescues with Diego and his older sister Alicia (an 11 year old computer genius) in this American animated series.

Handy Manny, Vol. 1

Meet Manny Garcia the handy man and his helpful bunch of tools in this American animated series.

Legion of Superheroes Series 1

Join the futuristic superhero team of Legionnaires as they fight villians and ultimately save the Universe!!!!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Vol. 1

All the gang are here in this great Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series of fabulous adventures!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Vol. 2

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Daisy, Goofy plus more classic Disney characters in more Clubhouse adventures.

Shaun The Sheep Series 1

British stop-motion animated children's television series, starring Shaun the cool sheep, and the leader of a flock.

Shaun the Sheep Series 2

Endless adventures of Shaun and the flock. Their action-driven narrative and no-words approach to storytelling makes Shaun a delight.

Shaun the Sheep Series 3

Shaun the Sheep is a wordless wonder

The Hive, Vol. 1

Meet Buzzbee and his friends in this computer generated animation series for pre-schoolers! (4 episodes ~ 22min each)

The Octonauts Season 1

Underwater adventures and exporation with the Octonauts. Brilliant. We all want more!!!

Zigby Vol 1

Fun loving zebra trotting into trouble. Meet Zigby and his loyal friends!

Zigby Vol 2

Our inventive zebra Zigby is back for more exciting adventures on a tropical island far away!