TV Shows for Children Age 0-3 - Family Friendly TV Shows, Recommended

TV Shows for Children Age 0-3

These TV Shows are ones that are family-friendly, have very little aggression or tension and teach positive moral values to little ones.

Curious George Series 1

Innocent and funny... Curious George gets up to all sorts of playful in his Manhatten home! 30 episodes around 24 minutes each!.

Dora the Explorer, Vol. 1

American Animated Series. Friendly, helpful and clever Dora teams up with Boots the monkey for adventure!

Dora the Explorer, Vol. 2

Latin American Dora embodies helpfulness, friendliness and a spirit of adventure! No vetting required.

Dora the Explorer, Vol. 3

American Animated Series about a friendly, helpful and clever girl Dora has more adventures with all the favourite characters!

Dora the Explorer, Vol. 4

More adventures with Dora and Boots, the friendly duo adventuring with their friends!

Dora the Explorer, Vol. 5

Latina Dora and her best friend Boots the monkey go adventuring together with Map, Swiper, Isa, Benny and Tico!

Dora the Explorer, Vol. 6

Latina Dora and her best friend Boots the monkey go adventuring together with Map, Swiper, Isa, Benny and Tico!

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 1

Meet Diego, an adventurous animal rescuer and his kind older sister Alicia as they rescue any jungle animals!

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 2

More adventures with Diego and Alicia who save any animals in trouble in the rainforest!

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 3

The continued adventures with Diego, his baby Jaguar and his older sister Alicia as they rescue jungle animals!

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 4

Diego our 8 year old animal rescuer helps more animals in need with the help of his rescue pack, camera click and computer genuis sister Alicia

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 5

Diego's animal rescue episodes continue in this upbeat and friendly American animated series!

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 6

Bilingual and helpful 8 year old Diego rescues animals in trouble all around the world!

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 7

More International animal rescues with Diego and his older sister Alicia (an 11 year old computer genius) in this American animated series.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Vol. 1

All the gang are here in this great Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series of fabulous adventures!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Vol. 2

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Daisy, Goofy plus more classic Disney characters in more Clubhouse adventures.

Peppa Pig, Bubbles

Cute British animation series featuring a friendly pig family and their everyday human life antics!

Peppa Pig, Muddy Puddles

Happy and playful life captured with Peppa Pig and her family and friends in this UK animated series of short shows designed for toddlers.

Shaun the Sheep Series 2

Endless adventures of Shaun and the flock. Their action-driven narrative and no-words approach to storytelling makes Shaun a delight.

Shaun the Sheep Series 3

Shaun the Sheep is a wordless wonder

The Hive, Vol. 1

Meet Buzzbee and his friends in this computer generated animation series for pre-schoolers! (4 episodes ~ 22min each)

The Wonder Pets Season 1

American Animation Series: Meet our three heroes Linny the Guinea Pig, Ming-Ming Duckling & Turtle Tuck as they rescue animals in need using teamwork!

The Wonder Pets Season 2

Our three animal heroes are back for more adventures. Watch Linny, Tuck and Ming-Ming too as they work together to save others!

The Wonder Pets Season 3

Wonder Pets at it again. Intelligent preschool fun wrapped up in short episodes based around these everyday school pets.

Toybox, Season 1, Vol. 1

Perfect for younger children, this magical and musical TV series is just like a ToyBox!